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Started by admin 2019-09-10 at 16:10
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Hello Dear Members,

Until today we have a LEGIT status on Foxyrating(FXR).
Now we down to PROMISING status.
This one happens due to changing rules on New rules are applied.
Which site can stay more than 1year will considered for seriously for LEGIT status.
Including us all new sites under 1year are now with PROMISING status. According to terms and conditions they have a rights to change their rules anytime without notice. So this not a fault from us and not from They are changed rules. So don't think bad about this rating.
When we reach 1year older, we think then only we get LEGIT status.
So we are asking you to post your payment proofs daily on
Our project is for long term. Everything in our site is calculated and designed by our experts.
So keep support and earn good profit from us.

Thank you - Good luck

Admin ( , )
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yes trusted admin i understand

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